back to school conceptual creativity cube 

Can you believe it? It’s official. Summer is over, and our precious babies will be headed back to school. Now it’s back to busy schedules, checking backpacks, making lunches, new teachers, homework, after-school activities, etc. Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

Because you’ve been great parents this summer, and worked with your children; transitioning them back into the swing of things won’t be too hard! I’ve included 5 tips to help you adjust to the new year.

1. Create a routine– As crazy as this may seem, children do much better when they have a routine to follow. Having a routine teaches them to be structured little human beings, independent, great time managers, and it’s saving you from pulling your hair out. Trust me, creating a routine is a life-saver. You will thank me later.

2. Check those backpacks– I can’t count the number of times teachers say, “Parents never check their child’s backpack.” It’s so important to do so because it includes parent-teacher communication, correspondence from the school, homework, and other important information that you need to see. This year, let’s be diligent about being consistent. Check your child’s backpack every night.

3. Have a pre-conference– Having a pre-conference allows you to set the tone for the school year. It also allows you to discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses with the teacher, as well as set your expectations for the school year. It also creates a sense of community. Having a pre-conference says, “I’m in it to win it this year.” Teachers are open to this, because it gives the parent and teacher a chance to set goals for the new year, and develop a positive relationship with each other and the child.

4. Set the tone– You model the appropriate behavior for your child, and your behavior will determine whether or not your child will have a positive experience this school year. Make this a great year. Teach your child the value of having a positive attitude, being respectful, and working hard to achieve the goals that they set for the year.

5. Don’t drive yourself crazy– Around this time parents are going crazy trying to get school supplies, uniforms, outfits, and last minute details completed before the start of the school year. Please. Just. Breathe. While your hair is standing on top of your head, your child is going to go to school without a care in the world. You can’t possibly do everything.  Pace yourself and relax. While you’re trying to drink 5 cups of coffee to take the edge off, they will be making new friends and enjoying their day. Trust me, it’s going to be ok.

Let’s make this school year a great one. Remember to speak life into your child, be intentional about encouraging them, don’t compare them to every child in the world, and remind them every day that they are great!

Educationally Speaking,


Ty Lewis


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