When planning a meaningful lesson, one of the first things you should ask yourself is, “What’s the end result and how can my students make a real-world connection after the lesson is finished?”
There is a difference between mastering content and meaningful content.
About a month ago, one of my students (at my tutoring center) came to me and said, “I’m tired of just learning information for the test. That’s all my teacher talks about. It doesn’t apply to me and I’m sick of it.”
At this point, her education is more about testing than it is about her accessing the curriculum, and then applying what she’s learned in the real world.
After having that conversation, I asked myself, “How can we move from teaching our children content for an assessment to showing them the importance of applying the content they’ve learned in the real world?”
Think about it…
Are your students just memorizing countries, or are they exploring countries, learning about the culture and desiring to visit the destination?
Are your students learning how to solve word problems, or are they creating their own problems, working in groups to come up with a solution, and then presenting the solution to the class?
Are your students writing a paper from a prompt you found on the internet, or are you discussing current issues with them, and then having them debate on the issue and write whether they are for or against the issue?
Are you diagramming sentences or teaching them how words, when put together correctly can impact the person reading them?
They have to see the importance of what they’re doing and learning and how the information they learn can be used in everyday life.

Let’s teach with purpose so that the students can master meaningful content.

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