It’s that time of year again.  Summer is over, and it’s time to get ready for a new school year.  This year is different. There have been many changes due to the pandemic, and it’s shifted our schedules, how we view education, and has left a lot of parents to make decisions that may impact their entire household.  

Some of you are blessed enough to be able to stay home and facilitate instruction, and some of you will be tasked with the option of returning to work while trying to figure out what to do with your child during the school day.  Let me be clear. No choice is the best option, but working together as a village will strengthen us in the days to come.  I wanted to reach out to give you a few suggestions that will help you on this journey.

1. If you have to go back to work, form a village, or find a POD for your child.  PODS are popping up all over Facebook.  It’s a great way to team up with parents, have your child work with a small group of children, and have a teacher facilitate instruction.  
2.  Start preparing your child(ren). Go through your daily routines. Start sending them to bed at a decent time, and put them on a schedule.  This will help eliminate the chaos, confusion, and frustration on day one. 
3. Set up a place for them to learn. Creating an environment that’s conducive to learning will make them feel comfortable.  Make their area look and feel like a classroom.  Also, allow your child to bring something in the room with them that will keep them occupied when they are on a break.
4. Get familiar with the different platforms that your district will be using during virtual learning. You don’t want to wait until the last minute.  You want day one to go smoothly for you and your child. 
5. Contact your child’s school for your technology needs.  Most districts should have sent out a link to secure laptops for each child. 
6. Secure a tutor for your child. This pandemic is different and is changing the face of education.  Please secure a tutor that is committed to assessing your child so that the data will drive instruction. 
7. Please don’t compare your experience to someone else’s household.  Everyone is doing the best that they can.  Even the parents that look like they are winning are having a hard time. 
8. Use all of the available resources, but DON’T overwhelm yourself. There are a plethora of free, reputable websites in reading and math that can be used as an additional resource. 
9. Be at peace. At the end of the day, do what you can do and leave the rest for another day. 


Below you find a list of classes that we offer via our online academy. You can visit https://educationallyspeaking.teachable.come to access the website.

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