Sight words & Reading

There is a push in lower grades for children to memorize the list of sight words that are comparable to their grade level.   Sight words are frequently used words in a text that students recognize instantly without sounding them out.  They account for about 75% of words that beginning readers see in a book, and … Continue reading Sight words & Reading

The Literacy Issue

So, I'm trying something new. I wanted to release a quarterly "magazine" for you guys.  I'm doing a soft release today.  Let me know what you think and how I can improve.  This one is short for the soft launch. Don't be too hard on me.  Click on the link below to access the first … Continue reading The Literacy Issue

Mastering Content or Meaningful Content

When planning a meaningful lesson, one of the first things you should ask yourself is, “What’s the end result and how can my students make a real-world connection after the lesson is finished?” There is a difference between mastering content and meaningful content. About a month ago, one of my students (at my tutoring center) … Continue reading Mastering Content or Meaningful Content

I’m sorry. I can’t help your child pass the GA Milestones Assessment.

Around this time of year, I receive a lot of phone calls from anxious parents who want to register their child for tutoring.  After explaining the services we offer, pricing, and how their child can benefit from our program, the parent asks, "Can you help my child pass the GA Milestones? He/She is in the … Continue reading I’m sorry. I can’t help your child pass the GA Milestones Assessment.

Build It + Write It

Please click on this free Build It + Write It resource to use as an activity in the areas of phonemic awareness and phonics.  After you download the activity, laminate it so that your child can write on it with a dry erase marker.  You can use magnetic letters, Bananagrams, or letters that you have in your … Continue reading Build It + Write It